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Fourth Grade Health

Chapter 8

an illness caused by disease germscommunicable disease
a disease in which the body makes too little insulindiabetes
a disease that harms the joints of the bodyarthritis
a substance made by white blood cells to fight germsantibody
a disease that can cause rashes from certain foodsallergy
protection from having a disease a second timeimmunity
an illness that does not spreadnoncommunicable disease
a medicine used to kill certain bacteria in the bodyantibotic
the kind of germ that causes a coldvirus
a medicine that causes the body to make antibodiesvaccine
a disease of the heart or blood vesselscardiovascular disease
a disease in which body cells grow out of controlcancer
a disease caused by a virus that can destroy certain white blood cellsAIDS
tiny living things, some of which can cause communicable diseasesbacteria
colds are caused bygerms
viruses and ______ cause communicable diseasebacteria
germs night enter the body through ...a cut in the skin
When bacteria make more of themselves theydivide
viruses harm body ____ by breaking and entering themcells
Disease germs might be carried in theair you breathe in.
The substance in your nose that traps germsmucus
can destroy germs in your bodywhite blood cells
antibodies help a person build _____ to certain diseases.immunity
A doctor can give a person a _____ against certain diseasesvaccine
Atherosclerosis is one kind of _____ diseasecardiovascular
A disease that attacks healthy cellscancer
One way to avoid disease is tohave a healty lifestyle

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