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Middle Ages Chapter 13 terms

for Kent Place 8th graders or anyone else

Curriculuma course of study
Scholasticsa group of medieval philosophers who argued that reason could be used to explain Christian teachings
Mortality Playa type of medieval religious drama, in which characters representing human virtues and vices acted out conflicts between good and evil
Thomas Aquinasa very clever Scholastic who was also a member of the Dominican order of Monks
Dantea great Italian poet of the Middle Ages; author of the Divine Comedy
Chauceran English poet who wrote The Canterbury Tales
Troubadourspoet-musicians who used Vernacular languages
Vernacular Languagethe local language
Romance LanguageFrench, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese; languages derived from Latin
Gothica style of architecture developed during the twelfth century, which featured pointed arches, flying buttresses, and large, stained-glass windows
Romanesquea style of architecture developed during the Middle Ages, characterized by rounded arches, thick walls, small windows, and little ornamentation
Roger Bacona medieval scientist, monk and philosopher
Alchemyan ancient field of study based on searching for ways to turn common metals into gold
Astrologythe study of stars and planets and their movements, with the aim of predicting events on the earth
Plague/Black Deatha contagious, usually fatal disease, transmitted by fleas from infected rats, the reached epidemic proportions in fourteenth century Europe
100 Years' Wara series of conflicts between England and France over French lands held by the English king
War of the Rosesa civil war between two rival branches of the English royal family
Great Schismthe period when people began to doubt the church because there were two Popes at the same time
Joan of ArcFrench military leader and heroine
John Wycliffea religious reformer who was the first person to translate the Bible into English
John Hussa religious reformer who was the head of the University of Prague and who challenged the Pope's authority and was burned at the stake for heresy


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