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Regular -ir and -re verbs

Here we have a list of regular verbs which fit into the -ir and -re verb group pattern. See how many you can learn off by heart.

finirto finish
accomplirto accomplish
atterrirto land
choisirto choose
envahirto invade
fournirto supply
grandirto grow
punirto punish
polirto polish
rafraîchirto refresh, renew
ralentirto slow down
réfléchirto reflect
réussirto succeed
rougirto blush, go red
salirto make something dirty
vieillirto grow old
attendreto wait for
correspondreto correspond, match, write
défendreto defend
dépendreto depend
entendreto hear
perdreto lose
rendreto rerurn
rendre visiteto visit (someone)
répondreto reply
vendreto sell

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