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Week 13 Review

OCS Intro to Math
Fractions, Decimals, PEMDAS, Expressions

Write the shaded amount as a fraction of the whole amount., 1/8
Express the stars as a fraction of the entire set., 6/9
Determine which letter best shows the location of the fraction 7/8., C
Oliver spent 2 2 ⁄ 6 hours working on his math homework. If he spent another 4 3 ⁄ 6 hours on his reading homework, what is the total time he spent on homework?6 5/6
At the beach, Mike built a sandcastle that was 3 3 ⁄ 5 feet high. If he added a flag that was 3 1 ⁄ 5 feet high, what is the total height of his creation?6 4/5
Which letter best represents the location of 0.8?, C
What is the decimal amount shaded?, B. 0.45
Jerry bought 6.95 lbs of cherry and lime jelly beans for his birthday party. If 1.75 lbs were cherry flavor, how many pounds were lime flavor?5.2
Paige was measuring how much taller she got over two years. In the first year she grew 4.62 cm. In the second year she grew 7.7 cm. How much taller did she get altogether?12.32
Simplify: (6 + 10) × 696
Simplify: (35 ÷ 7) × 630
Simplify: 2x - 6, when x = 54

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