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Vocab Lesson 3

AlludeTo refer to in an indirect way
Consecrate1. To set apart as holy. 2. To dedicate to a cause; to devote
DisseminateTo scatter or spread widely
DoteTo show excessive fondness for
ExhortTo urge strongly; to warn or appeal
FecklessCareless or irresponsible
ImplicateTo show to be involved with something, especially something dishonest or illegal
Lament1. To feel or express grief. 2. An expression of sorrow or grief in the form of a poem. song. etc.
MonetaryOf or relating to money or currency
PensiveDeep in thought; dreamily thoughtful
PompA showy or dignified display
StiltedArtificially stiff or formal in manner
SubjugateTo bring under control; to conquer
Truama1. A severe bodily injury 2. Emotional shock
Wanton1. Ignoring what is right 2. Excessive or unrestrained 3. Playful or frolicsome

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