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Mrs. Cordero's Science

Thermometerdevice or sensor that measure temperature
Eyecalm inside part of a hurricane
Vortexmovement of a liquid or gas around a central axis
Catastrophic eventspowerful dramatic forces that have a major effect on earth and living things on earth
Satallitean instrument that orbits the earth taking pictures and collection information
Greenhouse effectgasses in the atmosphere send heat back to the earth's surface
Climateweather patterns over a period of time/years
Weatherthe state of the atmosphere at a particular time and place
Atmospherethin blanket of air surrounding the earth; holds heat in to make earth livable and protects the earth from harmful radiation
Solar energycomes from the sun; only 1/2 of the sun's energy is absorbed by the land and the oceans
Temperaturean indication or clue as to the amount of energy that has been absorbed by the material
Seasonschange due to the tilt of the earth on its axis
Gravityholds the earth's atmosphere in place
Saffir/Simpson scalemeasures the damage from hurricanes
Enhanced Fujita scalemeasures the damage from a tornado
Tornado warninga tornado has been spotted or detected by radar
Tornadoa violent windstorm that spirals around a rotating column of air
Thunderstorma disturbance in the earth's atmosphere with thunder and lightening
Nitrogenmakes up a majority of the earth's atmosphere
Oxygenis the second largest gas in the atmosphere
Winterwhen the sun is closest to the earth
Soilabsorbs heat faster that water; loses its heat more quickly than water
Waterwater retains its heat longer than soil
Tornadoesformed by thunderstorm; before a tornado, the sky is green, there is a thunderstorm, the clouds rotate and a wall cloud drops from below.
Hurricanemassive rotating storm; the center of the vortex is called the eye
Tropospherewhere most of the earth's weather takes place
Stratospherecontains the ozone layer
Mesospherehas a low temperature of -90c
Thermospherehas a high temperature of 1700c
Exospheresatellites are located here

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