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Latin for New Millennium Chapter 12 Vocabulary

dextra, dextrae f.right hand
ignis, ignis, ignium
īra, īrae f.anger
nōmen, nōminis
vīs, vīs f.force, strength
is, ea, idhe, she, it, this, that
noster, nostra, nostrumour
similis, similelike, similar to
tantus, tanta, tantumso great
tuus, tua, tuumyours
vester, vestra, vestrumyours
cōnsūmō, cōnsūmere, cōnsūmpsī, cōnsūmptumto consume
faciō, facere, fēcī, factumto do, to make
inquits/he says or said
occīdō, occīdere, occīdī, occīsumto kill
ostendō, ostendere, ostendī, ostentumto show
pōnō, pōnere, posuī, positumto put, place
prope + acc.near
bellum gerereto wage war
prō vīribuswith all one’s might

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