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Latin for New Millennium Chapter 6 Vocabulary

exemplum, exemplī, 2nd decl., n.example
liber, librī, 2nd decl.,
littera, litterae, 1st decl., f.letter [of the alphabet], (in plural) literature, a letter [=a note], an epistle
memoria, memoriae, 1st decl., f.memory
tenebrae, tenebrārum, 1st decl., f. pl.shadows, darkness
vīta, vitae, 1st decl.,
doceō, docēre, docuī, doctum, 2nd teach
firmō, firmāre, firmāvī, firmātum, 1st strengthen
iaceō, iacēre, iacuī, ____, 2nd lie, to be inert
iūdicō, iūdicāre, iūdicāvī, iūdicātum, 1st judge
maneō, manēre, mānsī, mānsum, 2nd remain
possum, posse, potuī, ____, irregular be able
servō, servāre, servāvī, servātum, 1st save, to preserve
soleō, solēre, solitus sum, 2nd be accustomed
sum, esse, fuī, futurus, irregular be
multus, multa, multum, 1st & 2nd decl.much, many
saepe (adv.)often
propter + accusativebecause of, on account of

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