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DECA Retail Glossary....Sports and Entertainment Marketing

above-the-line expensesAll the expenses of movie production that occur before actual production begins
AcousticsThe term for the way sound travels and reverberates through a building or venue.
AffiliateA group of television networks.
affinity sportA sport that is less popular than traditional sports
AgentA person who represents an athlete
amateur athleteAny athlete who does not get paid for playing a sport.
ambush marketingAdvertising for an event without actually sponsoring the event
AmphitheaterAny theater in the shape of an arc
ArenaAn indoor stadium usually used for basketball and hockey
arena footballFootball played indoors on a basketball-court-sized field
BandwidthA technical term that describes the amount of data a communication channel can handle at any one time.
below-the-line expensesAll the expenses of movie production that occur after actual production begins
bowl gameChampionship football games played by invited teams at the end of the collegiate football season.
broadcast webA group of television networks
charity tournamentA tournament or sports event held as a fund-raiser for a charitable organization.
clickstream dataData collected each time an Internet user clicks a mouse on an Internet page.
ClubA small indoor venue
collective bargainingA process through which a group of employees negotiates as a single unit with management or team ownership.
college sportsSports played entirely by students actively enrolled in colleges and universities.
CollegiateDescribing college-level sports.
ConferenceA group of sports teams from a similar region and level of play.
convention centerA large indoor venue with many rooms that can be used for meetings and usually one or more very large rooms that can be set up in different ways to accommodate trade shows of different sizes.
CookieA small
costume designerOn a movie or television production
couch potatoA person who prefers to sit on the couch and relax
culture travelTravel that focuses on cultural events such as theater
CybercastA broadcast of a live entertainment or sports event over the Internet.
direct to videoA process by which a movie is released on video without first being screened in theaters.
DirectorThe person with final authority over the creative aspects of a film or television production
director of photographyThe chief photographer on a movie
DistributorA company or organization responsible for distributing a movie to theaters and other exhibitors or sellers
e-commerceSales of products or services over the Internet.
EcotourismTravel aimed at helping people enjoy the outdoors
EmmyThe award presented for work in television
EndorsementPublic expression of support for a product
EntertainmentAnything for which people are willing to spend money to watch
ESPNAn all-sports television network.
e-ticketsTravel tickets that allow someone to travel without carrying a paper ticket; usually purchased over the Internet.
EvergreenAny product that remains popular and valuable year after year.
feature filmA movie that is at least an hour long and intended for theatrical release.
feature presentationThe main movie to be presented during a screening.
focus groupA small group of people invited to a sneak preview of a movie in order to gauge their reaction to a film
GafferThe chief lighting technician on a television or movie set.
GrammyThe award presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.
GripThe person on a movie or television set responsible for adjusting and positioning the production equipment.
gross impressionThe number of times per advertisement
HypeOverzealous praise and advertising; common for big-budget films.
independent filmMovies created without the backing of a major film studio.
IntermissionA break in the middle of a live performance
LicenseA legal agreement allowing someone to reproduce a team's logo or an individual's name or likeness in marketing in exchange for money.
location managerOn a movie or television production
luxury suitesPrivate boxes in stadiums that provide luxurious seating in a private room
MLBMajor League Baseball; the league for professional baseball.
MP3A free software program that allows digital reproduction of music.
MPAAMotion Picture Association of America. The organization that provides certificates for films and rates films for appropriateness for a certain audience.
NBANational Basketball Association; the major league for professional basketball.
NCAANational Collegiate Athletic Association. The governing body of collegiate athletic programs.
NFLNational Football League; the major league for professional football.
niche travelTravel that focuses on recreational activities or a specific interest such as golf or adventure sports.
OaterA Western; a movie set in the pre-Civil War U.S. west.
opening weekendThe weekend when a movie first plays in theaters; often foretells the movie's eventual success.
OscarThe nickname for an Academy Award; the award presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
P&APrints and advertising; refers to the cost of producing the actual projectable version of a film and its advertisements.
PBAProfessional Bowlers Association
performing artsRefers to live theater
personal seat licenseA process by which a person buys from a sports team the right to buy season tickets.
PGA TourThe major league of professional golf.
players' associationsLabor unions of professional sports players.
PostproductionAll aspects of film production that occur after filming
PremiereThe first official public screening of a movie
PreviewA short film created to promote a film or television show. Also called a trailer.
ProducerThe person with financial control and responsibility for a movie or television production.
product placementThe act of negotiating agreements to place branded products in a movie or television production in order to gain exposure for the product and build brand identity.
production designerThe person responsible for the basic physical look of a movie or television production
professional athleteAny athlete who is paid for playing a sport
prop masterOfficially the property master
recreational activitiesActivities not associated with educational institutions
recreation marketingMarketing related to recreational activities
ReturnThe profit from a sports or entertainment event or from sponsorship.
RoyaltyA sum paid to an individual or group in exchange for using their name or likeness in marketing.
SamplingIncluding a sample of one artist's music on a recording for another artist.
ScoutA person who locates athletes who might potentially be recruited for a college or professional sports team.
ScreeningThe showing of a film
script analysisA very early stage in the development of a television or movie production which involves reviewing a script to determine if it can be made into a successful production and determining its target audience.
self-indulgence travelLuxury travel that usually includes gourmet food and excellent hotels and resorts.
SequelA movie that continues the story or characters presented in a previously filmed movie.
set decoratorThe person on a movie or television production who is responsible for all the fixed things on the set
sneak previewAn unannounced screening of a movie before its official premiere.
SpectatorAny person who watches
SponsorAny individual
sports campA summer camp where children learn sports techniques and skills in an intensive environment
sports clinicA one or two-day intensive event in which students concentrate on a specific sports skill
sports marketingUsing sports to market products.
sports franchiseA sports team
spring trainingPre-season training for professional baseball teams
StadiumA very large outdoor venue
stealth marketingAdvertising for an event without actually sponsoring the event
supporting featureA feature film that appears prior to (on a double-bill) a feature presentation.
theme parkAn entertainment venue that includes rides
TonyThe award presented for excellence in live theater
TrailerA short film created to promote a film or television show; also called a preview.
unit publicistThe publicity director
university venueAny venue located on the campus of a college or university.
VenueAny site where a sporting or entertainment event takes place.
vertical integrationThe condition when a company owns several areas of the same industry. In entertainment
wide releaseDescribes a movie that is shown in more than 2
WNBAWomen's National Basketball Association. The major league of professional women's basketball.

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