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Cosm-Chapter 8 in NEW book - Skin Diseases & Disorders (Part 2: L-W)

lesionmark on the skin; may be injury or damage
leukodermalight abnormal patches; caused by burn or disease
maculeflat spot or discoloration on skin; can be freckle or red spot left from pimple
malignant melanomamost serious skin cancer; black or dark patch that can be uneven in texture, jagged, or raised
miliabenign (harmless) keratin-filled cyst just under epidermis
miliaria rubraaka prickly heat; eruption of small red vesicles & burning, itching skin; disorder of sweat glands
molesmall brownish spot on skin
nevusaka birthmark; small or large malformation of skin with abnormal pigmentation or dilated capillaries
nodulesolid bump larger than 1 cm (.4 inch)
noncomedogenicproduct designed to NOT clog pores
primary lesionslesions that are raised or a different color from skin
psoriasisskin disease with red patches covered with silver-white scales; found on scalp, knees, elbows, chest or lower back
retention hyperkeratosishereditary; acne-prone skin retains dead cells in follicle, forms obstruction that clogs follicles & causes papules & pustules
scaleany thin dry or oily plate of epidermal flakes (ex dandruff)
scaraka cicatrix; lightly raised mark on skin after injury has healed
sebaceous cystlarge protruding pocket-like lesion filled with sebum; often on scalp or back; removed surgically
seborrheic dermatitisinflammation of sebaceous blands
secondary skin lesionspiles of material on skin surface (crust, scab, ulcer)
sensitizationallergic reaction created by repeated exposure to chemical or substance
skin tagsmall brown or flesh colored outgrowth of skin
squamous cell carcinomaskin cancer more serious than basal cell carcinoma; scaly red papules or nodules
stainabnormal brown or wine colored skin discolorations
tanchange in pigmentation of skin caused by exposure to sun or UV light
telanglectasisdistended or dilated sufrace blood vessels
tubercleabnormal, rounded solid lump larger than papule
tumorabnormal mass varying is size, shape, & color
ulceropen lesion having pus, loss of skin depth & accompanied by weeping
verrucaaka wart; hypertrophy of papillae and epidermis
vesiclesmall blister or sac containing clear fluid lying within or just beneath epidermis
vitiligohereditary; may be related to thyroid;causes hypopigmented spots
whealitchy, swollen lesion that lasts only a few hours (hive, mosquito bite)

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