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Appendicular Skeleton - Lower Extremities

connects legs to trunkpelvic girdle
upper rounded "wings" of pelvisilium
third part of small intestineileum
posterior, inferior part of pelvisischium
bowel obstructionileus
lower, front part of pelvispubis or pubic bone
top edge of iliumiliac crest
part of pelvis forming hip socketacetabulum
midline joint between 2 pubic bonespubic symphysis
pubic symphysis is formed bycartilage
longest & strongest bone in bodyfemur
femoral head is example ofball, as in ball & socket joint
acetabulum is example ofsocket, as in ball & socket joint
kneecap is embedded inpatellar tendon
nonmedical term for patellakneecap
medial lower leg bone articulating with femurtibia
nonmedical term for tibiashin bone
tibia articulates distally withtarsals
medial & lateral malleolus are part ofdistal tibia & fibula
lateral, non-weight bearing lower leg bonefibula
largest of the ankle bonescalcaneus
finger or toe bonesphalanges
proximal to phalangesmetatarsals
fibula allow formovement
tarsals are this type of boneshort
M pelvis shaped likefunnel
F pelvis shaped likebasin
F pelvic inlet & outlet allow forbirth
enlargement on lateral proximal femurgreater trochanter
enlargement of medial proximal femurlesser trochanter

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