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earth's stats

diameter vertical7,884 miles
diameter at equator7,908 miles
circumference24,800 miles
average density5.2 g per cubic cm
age4.56 billion years
core temperature11,000 f or 6,000 c
average surface temp60 f or 15 c
average distance from the sun93,000,000
period of rotation23 hours 56 minutes
period of revolution365.25 days
atomospheregas layer that surrounds earth
gas layers60
atmosphere is part of whatmeterology
21 percent of breatho2 - metabolism
78 percent of breathnitrogen n2
93 percent of breathargon
.03 percent of breathco2 - feeds and keeps us warm
trace of breathch4, h, he,03, o2 vapor
hydrosphereliquid proportion of earth
water cover percentage70 percent
land percentage30 percent
hydrosphere is apart of whatoceanography
what percentage of water is salt97 percent
what percentage of water is fresh frozen2 percent
what percentage of water is fresh liquid1 percent
lithospheresolid proportion of the earth
lithosphere is apart of whatgeology
lithosphere containscontinents, soil, ocean floor
biospherestudy of living organisms
cryospherefrozen proportion of earth

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