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Character, Plot, Setting, Point of View, Main Idea, and Theme Definitions Review

charactersPeople, animals, or imaginary creatures that take part in the action of the story
main charactersThe character that the story centers around
minor charactersCharacters that interact with the main character and one another
protagonistThe main character in the story, often a good or heroic type
antagonistThe force that works against the hero of the story; if a person, often a villain type
settingThe time and place of the action of the story
plotThe sequence of events in a story, built around a conflict
conflictA problem or struggle involving two or more opposing forces
expositionThe part of the story, usually near the beginning, in which the characters are introduced, the background is explained, and the setting is described
rising actionThe central part of the story during which various problems arise and suspense builds
climaxThe point of greatest interest or suspense in the action of the story, the turning point
falling actionThe action and dialogue following the climax that lead the reader into the story’s end
resolutionThe part of the story in which loose ends are tied up, and the action comes to a satisfying end
themeThe main message in a story; the lesson
point of viewThe angle from which a story is told
narratorThe person who tells the story
first person POVWhen a character in the story is the narrator
second person POVWhen the narrator of the story directly addresses the reader
third person POVWhen someone from outside of the story is the narrator
main ideaWhat the story is mostly about

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