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The Great War--Kinda'

Match the Key terms...

NationalismSense of extreme pride or loyalty to a nation
ImperialismQuest for colonial empires.
Allied PowersFrance, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, United States
Central PowersGermany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (Turkey), Bulgeria
Triple AllianceMilitary Alliance formed by Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy before WWI
Trench WarfareOpposing armies fighting from behind fixed fortifications
First Battle of the MarneThe German line from Ypres to Verdun
Treaty of VersaillesAgreement ending World War I
Triple EntenteMilitary alliance formed by Great Britain, France, and Russia before WWI
LusitaniaBritish passenger liner Torpedoed by German U-Boat
Sussex pledgeGermany again promises not to sink liners without warning
Robert LansingSecretary of State who encouraged trade in war materials
Pan-German MovementUniting all German-speaking peoples under one flag.
Pan-Slavic MovementBring together all Slavic peoples of central and eastern Europe
Archduke FerdinandHeir to the Austro-Hungarian Throne
Gavrilo Princip19 year old Serbian nationalist who killed Archduke Ferdinand
MilitarismGlorification of armed strength by a nation
Battle of Somme4 month battle in France killing and wounding 1 million people.
No-man's LandSmall strip of area between the trenches.
AlliancesCountries siding with other countries for military strength.
National Defense ActIncreased the number of soliers in the regular army from 90,000 to 175,000
Lusitania, Sussex, ArabicGerman U-Boats sunk these liners killing Americans and many others
War ZoneArea around Great Britain waters that German U-Boats will sink ships
Zimmerman NoteProposed alliance with Mexico to gain U.S. states: New Mexico, Texas, Arizona
April 1917The date that the United States enters World War I
1914The year that the Great War started in Europe
Jeannette Rankin1st Congresswomen voted no in America going to war
Selective Service Actmen ages 21-30 had to register for the draft [later changed to 18-45]
Woodrow WilsonElected President in 1916 and wrote "14 Points" and founded the League of Nations
Convoywere merchant vessels, escorted by American warships
Sedition ActThis made it illegal to criticize the government of the military
Treaty of Brest-LitovskRussian Bolsheviks sign this with the Central Powers
Marshall Ferdinand FochThe person from France agrees to join a unified Allied Army
Allied Victory 1918This was a Major offensive of America and France against Germany

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