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Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

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Function of the Respiratory SystemTo bring Oxygen into the Body
Function of the Circulatory SystemTo Pump Blood throughout the Body
Mucus(Snot) that helps warm and filter air
HairsHelp to Filter Air
Bronchial TubesConnect Trachea to Lungs
AlveoliSmall sacs that expand inside your lungs
InhalingBreathing In
ExhalingBreathing Out
DiaphragmExpands and Contracts to Allow Lungs to Inhale and Exhale
OxygenThe gas that Humans Need to Survive
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)Gas that we exhale as a Waste
HeartThe Muscle that pumps blood
ArteriesBlood Vessels that lead away from the Heart
VeinsBlood Vessels that lead to the Heart
CapillariesSmall Vessels that Connect Arteries and Veins
AortaThe largest Artery in the Body
FourNumber of Chambers in the Heart
Right and Left AtriumTop Chambers of the Heart
Right and Left VentricleLower Chambers of the Heart
Red Blood CellsCarry Oxygen
White Blood CellsFight Infection
PlateletsHelp Blood Clotting
PlasmaLiquid Part of Blood
SeptumDivides the Right and Left Chambers of the Heart

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