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Digestion Vocabulary

Okay, folks, let's test your vocabulary. Can you match the terms with their descriptions?

epiglottissphincter that blocks trachea
esophagusfood pipe
cardiac sphincterdysfunction causes heartburn
sphinctermuscle that opens and closes
pyloric sphincterseparates stomach and small intestine
livercleans blood and stores fat-soluble vitamins
gallbladderstores bile
pancreascreates basic juices that neutralize stomach acid
ileocecal valveseparates large and small intestines
small intestineprimary site of digestion
segmentationmovement of intestines
anal sphincterlast barrier to waste disposal
bolusfood in the stomach
digestionbreakdown of food
chymefood in stomach
peristalsismovement of GI tract
catalystspeeds up a reaction
refluxbackward flow
pHmeasure of acidity
goblet cellscells that secrete mucous
abxorptionpassage of food to blood or lymph
villiprojections in small intestine
arteriescarry blood away from heart
veinscarry blood to the heart
cappilariesconnect blood vessels
portal veincarries blood to liver
hepatic veintakes blood from liver to heart
lymphatic systemcarries fats
hormonesregulatory system
gastrinrelease acidic stomach juice
secretinrelease pancreatic juice
gastric-inhibitory peptidestops digestion
vomitingreverse peristalsis
chokingfailure of epiglottis
diarrheawatery stools

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