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Carbon Chemistry

Chapter 10 vocabulary

diamondform of carbon with a crystal structure that formed deep with in the earth under heat and pressure
graphiteform of carbon with a layered structure
organic compoundcompounds that contain carbon with a few exceptions
hydrocarboncompound that contains only carbon and hydrogen
molecular formulacombination of chemical symbols that represent the elements in each molecule of a compound
polymerlarge complex molecule built from smaller molecules bonded together
monomersmall, carbon -based molecules that make up the links in a polymer chain
syntheticmaterial that is manufactured
carbohydrateenergy-rich organic compound made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
glucosesugar found in the body
proteinmost important organic compound in body; cell growth and repair
lipidincludes fats, oils, waxes and cholesterol; rich in energy
nucleic acidvery large organic compound made up of carbon, oxygen hydrogen, nitrogen, and phosphorus;DNA, RNA
DNAdeoxyribonucleic acid; this is the instructions for cells
vitaminorganic compound that serves as a helper molecule in a variety of chemical reactions in the body
plastica molded material that retains its shape
syntheticman made

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