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Unit 10 Vocabulary Flashcards 15-16

Beam balancea tool used to measure the mass of an object.
Compound machinea device made up of a combination of simple machines.
Effort (input) forcethe force exerted on a machine.
Fixed pulleya pulley that does not move; it only changes the direction of the effort force.
Frictionthe resistance to motion of one object rubbing against another
Fulcruma fixed point around which a lever rotates.
Inclined planea sloping surface, like a ramp, that reduces the amount of force required to lift an object.
Levera rigid bar or board that is free to move around a fixed point called a fulcrum.
Movable pulleya pulley that moves; it changes the force and distance of the effort force.
Pulleya grooved wheel with a rope or cable wrapped around the groove.
Resistance (output) forcethe force exerted by a machine.
Screwan inclined plane wrapped around a post or cylinder.
Simple machinea device that makes work easier by changing the force, distance, or direction of the effort force.
Spring scalea tool used to measure the weight of an object or the force on an object in units of Newtons or pounds.
Technological design processa series of steps that are used to solve a problem or design a product.
Wedgetwo inclined planes back-to-back, sometimes called an inclined plane that moves.
Wheel and axletwo circular objects of different sizes that are attached and rotate together.
Workforce exerted on an object that causes that object to move some distance.

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