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Newborn Characteristics

A matching game to learn terminology related to care of neonates

Caput SuccadaneumSwelling or edema occurring in or under the fetal scalp
Moro reflexFlexion of newborn's thighs and knees accompanied by fingers that fan and arms which form a c-curve
IUGRFetal undergrowth due to infection, malnutrition, congenital malformation
LanugoFine downy hair found on all body parts of the fetus except palms and soles
Tetralogy of FallotComposed of VSD, pulmonary stenosis, overriding aorta, and right ventricular hypertrophy
Teleangiectatic neviSmall clusters of flat red-pink spots on the nape of the neck and around eyes
Epstein's pearlsSmall, white blebs found along the gum margins and at the junction of the hard and soft palates
NeonateFirst 30 days of life
Tonic neck reflexWhen head is turned to one side, arm and leg on that side extend, extremities on opposite side flex
Apgar scoreScoring system to evaluate newborn transition to extrauterine life
SGAInadequate weight or growth for gestational age
EvaporationHeat loss incurred when water on the skin surface is converted to vapor
Palmar reflexElicited by stimulating the palm with a finger or object
ConductionLoss of heat to a cooler surface by direct skin contact
LGAExcessive growth of the fetus in relation to gestational age
Ductus arteriosusCloses due to increased oxygenation, decreased prostaglandins, and regurgitation of blood flow
Foramen ovaleSpecial opening between the atria which closes when lungs become inflated
Positive Babinski ReflexThe great toe dorsiflexes and toes fan
ConvectionLoss of heat from a warm body surface to a cooler air current
VSDOpening between the ventricles causing a Right to Left shunt
PeelingShedding of epithelial cells of the epidermis
CephalohematomaSubcutaneous swelling containing blood found on the head of an infant which disappears in weeks to months
Ballard toolDevice used to measure gestational age
Erb-Duchenne palsyParalysis of the arm and chest wall as a result of a birth injury to the brachial plexus
AcrocyanosisCyanosis of hands and feet
Ortolani's maneuverA manual procedure performed to rule out hip dysplasia
Coarctation of the aortaCauses difference in blood pressure between upper and lower extremities
Scarf SignPosition of the elbow when the hand of the supine infant is drawn over the other shoulder until it meets resistance
CircumcisionSurgical removal of the foreskin
Physiologic jaundiceA harmless condition caused by increased RBC's and immaturity of the liver
Brown Adipose TissueFat deposits in neonates that provide greater heat-generating activity than ordinary fat
Circumoral cyanosisBluish appearance around the mouth
Vernix caseosaA protective cheese-like whitish substance
PhenylketonuriaA common metabolic disease caused by inability to metabolize phenylalanine
Gestational ageNumber of weeks of fetal development
Cold stressExcessive heat loss resulting in increased respirations and non-shivering thermogenesis in order to maintain core body temperature
Physiologic anemia of infancyA harmless drop in hemoglobin around 4-6 months of age
MottlingDiscoloration of the skin due to poor perfusion
Harlequin signColor change that occurs between the longitudinal halves of the newborn's body
Periods of reactivityPredictable patterns of newborn behavior during the first hours after birth
ColostrumSecretions from the breast which contain IgA antibodies and provides a laxative effect
Transposition of the Great ArteriesCyanotic defect easily detected at birth
Nevus flammeusLarge port-wine stain
Mongolian spotsDark, flat pigmentation of the lower back and buttocks
BradycardiaHeart rate less than 110
HypoglycemiaGlucose less than 40 mg/dl
Subconjunctival hemorrhagesHemorrhage on the sclera of a newborn
Periodic breathingSporadic episodes of apnea, not associated with cyanosis, that last up to 15 seconds
Erythema neonatorum toxicumInnocuous pink macular rash of unknown origin with superimposed vesicles
MeconiumDark green or black material present in the large intestine
Thermal Neutral ZoneEnvironmental temperature that provides for minimal heat loss
MiliaTiny white papules appearing on the face of the neonate
MoldingShaping of the fetal head by overlapping of the cranial bones
KernicterusAn encephalopathy caused by deposition of unconjugated biliubin in brain cells

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