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Career Management - Objective 1.02 Activities (Flash Cards and Matching)

Communication skills include:Reading
To get along better with your coworkers:Listen and answer questions briefly and positively.
Why is consensus important?Group members can support a decision and move forward.
When addressing someone involved in a conflict:Talk to him/her in a private location.
A leader's willingness to take credit and blame for his or her actions is called:accountability.
Reading is important in the workplace because of the need to read:instructions from the supervisor.
Which often has the most effect on the understanding of a spoken message?Nonverbal Communication
When answering the phone at work, it is appropriate to:identify oneself and the company.
When a conflict arises between two coworkers, the best solution is to:communicate with the coworker to seek a solution.
Which exemplifies positive communication skills at work?Responding to memos, phone messages, and emails promptly
Most ethics problems in the workplace involve:dishonesty.
Which is a benefit of conflict?Differences are often settled.
What skill helps a person follow oral directions?Listening carefully
When taking a telephone message at the workplace, it is best for the person to:Write the message down
Which represents ethical behavior in the workplace?Reporting a coworker who is stealing merchandise
A result of using teamwork in an organization is:increased production and output.
For the employee, teamwork usually results in:increased morale.
The words TO, FROM, DATE and SUBJECT appear in the heading of a:memorandum.
When speaking to someone at work about a conflict:use "I" messages.
When peers at work offer suggestions to correct a weakness, a person should:consider their suggestions.
Which practice demonstrates effective leadership?Delegating tasks
When an individual has a conflict with another employee, what is the best action to take?Communicate the issue privately
Which is a characteristic of an effective team leader?Listening to everyone's opinion
Which is the best course of action to take when there is more work than can be completed in a given time period?Talk to the boss about the situation.
Which statement about teamwork is TRUE?Teams usually take more time to reach a decision than individuals.
Which statement describes the best way to tell someone that their performance is inadequate?"Your strengths are in customer service, but you need to improve equipment operation skills."
An oral presentation should include:An introduction.
Which is a component of an essay?Thesis
Using all capital letters in an e-mail message is the same as what in oral communication?Shouting
The language used when writing a response to a customer's request should be:Polite and respectful.
When communicating with coworkers, misunderstandings can be reduced by:Communicating clearly in written form.
Which team role sets the team's agenda and helps the group make progress?Leader
Which written document is usually very brief and resembles a memo?E-mail message
When delivering a speech, it is best to focus on the:Audience.
When talking on the phone at work, it is acceptable to:Speak clearly.
Turning a conflict over to a third party when those involved cannot agree on a solution is:Arbitration

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