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Caesar DBG 4.24-25 DLCV

plērumque (adv)generally, mostly
genus, generis (n)type, class
subsequor, subsequī, subsēcutus sumto follow closely, follow
prohibeō + infinitiveto prevent (someone) from
propter (prep + acc)because of, on account of
magnitūdō, magnitūdinis (f)large size, size
onus, oneris (n)burden, load
flūctus, -ūs (m)wave
cōnsistō, cōnsistere, cōnstitīto halt, stand, take a stand; take a position
membrum, -ī (n)limb
nōtus, -ā, -umwell known, familiar
tēlum, -īspear, weapon
pugna, -aefight
studium, -ī (n)enthusiasm, zeal
animadvertō, animadvertere, animadvertī, animadversusto observe, notice, perceive
speciēs, speciēī (f)appearance
ūsus, ūsūs (m)use
latus, lateris (n)side
inde (adv)from there
fēlīciterfortunately, successfully
ēveniō, ēvenīre, ēvēnī, ēventūrusto come out, turn out
prōdō, prōdere, prōdidī, prōditusto hand over, hand down; to betray
imperātor, imperātōris (m)commander, general
officium, -ī (n)duty, service
coepī, coepisse, coeptusto begin

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