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SMAW TERMS (concave fillet weld-deposition rate)

concave fillet weldA fillet weld having a concave face.
concavityThe maximum distance from the face of a concave fillet weld perpendicular to a line joining the weld toes.
conductorA device that carries current.
constant current welding machineA welding machine that maintains a near-constant pre-set current even for changes in voltage that occur from changes in arc length.
constant voltage welding machineA welding machine that compensates for changes in electrical stickout by keeping voltage “near-constant” even for changes in amperage.
contactorAn electrical or mechanical device inside a power supply that energizes or de-energizes the output terminals of a power supply.
contact tipA device at the end of the gun tube of a welding gun that transfers current to a continuously fed welding electrode.
convex fillet weldA fillet weld having a convex face.
convexityThe maximum distance from the face of a convex fillet weld perpendicular to a line joining the weld toes.
corner jointA welding joint between two members located approximately at right angles to one another.
cosmetic passA weld pass made primarily to enhance appearance.
cover plateA removable pane of clear glass, plastic coated glass or plastic that covers and protects the filter plate of the weld helmet, hood or goggles.
crackA fracture type discontinuity characterized by a sharp tip and high ratio of length and width to opening displacement.
craterA depression at the termination of a weld bead.
crater crackA crack in the crater of the weld bead.
crater fillThe time, current and voltage following a weld time but prior to burnback time during which the crater is filled with the electrode.
currentThe amount of electricity passing through a conductor in a given amount of time.
cycle360 electrical degrees
cylinderIt is a portable container used for transportation and storage of a compressed gas.
cylinder manifoldA multiple header for inter-connection of gas or fluid sources with distribution points.
defectA discontinuity or discontinuities that by nature or accumulated effect render a part or product unable to meet minimum applicable acceptance standards or specifications.
defective weldA weld containing one or more defects.
deposited metalFiller metal that has been added during welding.
deposition efficiencyThe ratio of the weight of deposited metal to the net weight of filler metal consumed, exclusive of stubs.
deposition rateThe weight of material deposited in a unit of time.

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