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Elements of Art: Games

Elements of art review activities.

LineA mark on a surface, usually created by a pen pencil or brush.
ShapeA two-dimensional figure created by connecting actual or implied lines tht enclose an area of space.
TextureThe way a surface feels or looks like it feels.
FormA three dimensional object or, in an artwork, the representation of a three dimensional object.
SpaceThe open or empty area around, above, between, within or below objects.
ColorAlso referred to as hue, it is the appearance of an object created by the quality of light it reflects.
ValueThe lightness or darkness of a color.
Horizontal LineMoving straight across from side to side.
Vertical LineA line that goes straight up and down.
Zigzag lineA series of diagonal lines moving in different directions that come together at a sharp points.
Curved LineA line that changes direction gradually.
Diagonal LineA slanted line
ContourThe edges of an object
GeometricA word describing shapes and forms such as a square, circle, cube and sphere.
OrganicA word describing shapes and forms similar to those in nature
BackgroundThe part of an artwork that seems the farthest away
MiddlegroundIn an artwork, the part between the foreground and the background.
ForegroundThe part of the artwork that seems nearest.
Color WheelColors arranged in a certain order in the shape of a circle

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