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what is the inner most part of the earth's crustcore
mantle-the second layer of the earth's crust
the outter most part of the earth's crustcrust or outer mantle
the boundary where two plates collideboundary
the masses of all continents conectedPangea
process that forms extra seafloorseafloor spreading
second layer of the earth's crustouter core
radiaton-is the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
conduction-is the transfer of heat from density differences in the air
what are polar easterliesthey are the winds that blow from the northeast to the southwest
what are jet streamsnarrow belts of wind
realitive humidity-the measure of the amount of water vapor in the air
what are the four kinds of precipitationrain, sleet, snow, hail
what is a tornado-a tornado is a violent whirling wind that moves ina narrow path over land
station model-information expressed using symbols
what are the 5 divisions of earth's atmosphere in orderpolarzone, temperate, tropical, temperte, polar
greenhouse effect-process by which heat is trapped by gasses in the earth's atmosphere
what % of marine pollution takes plasce on land based sources80%
air mass-is a large body of air that has properties of the land it originates

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