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Vergil 1.1-11 - (DLCV)

Dickenson Latin Core Vocab delimited.

arma, armōrum (n pl)weapons, arms; (metonymy) war, warfare, violence
canō, canere, cecinī, cantusto sing, chant; to sing about, celebrate; to prophesy, foretell
ōra, -ae (f)border, edge; coast, shore; region, land
fātum, -ī (n)fate; death
iactō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto throw, cast; to drive back and forth, toss about, torment;
vīs, vīs (f)force, amount
memor, memoriskeeping in memory, mindful, unforgetting
patior, patī, passus sumto suffer, endure
condō, condere, condidī, conditusto found, establish
genus, generis (n)race, stock, nation; offspring; kind, type
memorō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto tell about, narrate; to remind, call to mind
nūmen, nūminis (n)diving power, divine will, divinity
laedō, laedere, laesī, laesusto injure, harm
volvō, volvere, voluī, volūtusto bring/turn around, roll; to unroll (a scroll), spin out (a thread); to turn around in the mind; to undergo
cāsus, cāsūs (m)event; misfortune, disaster
pietās, pietātis (f)dutiful respect, devotion
impellō, impellere, impulī, impulsusto strike (against); to drive, push, impel

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