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Geography World - Plate Tectonics / Continental Drift

terms related to the study of plate tectonics and continental drift

theoryunproven idea
continental drifttheory that states continents were joined at one time
crustthin, outer surface of the earth
mantlelayer of earth on which crust floats
coreinnermost layer of the earth
tectonic platessections of the crust that move independently
riftseparation of the earth's crust
foldingearth's crust buckles in a wavelike pattern
faulta break in the earth's crust
lavahot molten rock at the earth's surface
magmahot molten rock of the mantle
earthquakeshaking caused by tectonic movement
volcanotectonic forces cause the mantle to explode outward
Alfred Wegenerdeveloped the theory of continental drift
San Andreasmajor system of faults in California
MontserratCaribbean Island evacuated due to a volcano
Mt. St. Helenserupted May 18, 1980 in Washington
New Madridsite of major earthquakes in 1811-1812 in Missouri
ring of firehighly active volcanic area around the Pacific Ocean
tsunamilarge wave caused by earthquakes

by Mr. Brad Bowerman - Geography World
Geography World
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