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Math Review MS

Multiply by 10add a zero or move decimal one place to the right
Multiply by 100add two zeroes or move decimal two places to the right
Divide by 10remove one zero or move decimal one place to the left
Divide by 100remove two zeroes or move decimal two places to the left
expanded form
scientific notation
expanded form with decimals
order of operations
base ten system
ordered pairs/coordinate plane
tenths, hundredths, thousandths place
dividend, divisor, quotient
add, subtract, multiply, and divide by decimals
equivalent fractions
common denominators
adding unlike fractions
benchmark fractionsis it closer to 0, 1/2, or 1 whole
fractions as division
whole number times fraction
arealength times width,
kilogram to gram
kilogram to pounds
gram to milligram
units of massKilograms, grams, milligrams - how much matter is in something or how much space it takes up
units of weightPounds, tons, ounces-Measure the pull of gravity on something,
units of length
line plots
polygon characteristics
types of triangles
types of polygons
regular and irregular polygonsregular polygons are equilateral (all sides the same) and equiangular (all angles the same),
coordinate planes
labeling a coordinate planeThe origin is always ZERO,
symmetrycreating a mirror image of something
lines of symmetry in regular polygonssame as number of sides,
volume calculationlength times width times height,
cubic unitcount these to determine the volume of a 3D object- can be measured in inches, centimeters, feet, yard, etc.,
Volume of two prisms added togetherfind the volume of each individual prism and then add together,
productanswer to multiplication problem
differenceanswer to subtractions problem
sumanswer to addition problem
squarefour side that are the same and four right angles
area of a quadrilateral in degrees360 degrees
area of triangle in degrees180 degrees
parallel linesthey will never cross or meet,
perpendicular linestwo lines that make a right angle,
mixed number to improper fraction
improper to mixed number
Whole number divided by fraction
Fraction divided by whole number
kilometerabout half mile; 1000 meters
ton2000 pounds
gallon4 quarts
quart2 pints
pint2 cups
meter100 centimeters; 1000 millimeters
mile5280 feet
foot12 inches
liter1000 milliliters
.77/10ths or .70
.055/100ths or five cents
divisible by 2even,
divisible by 50 or 5 in one's place,
divisible by 100 in one's place,
divisible by 3add numbers together and is multiple of 3,
multiplesthe number times 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....,
fraction and decimal equivalence

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