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Unit 5 Vocabulary South, Southwest, Central Asia

sedimentary rockrock formed when layers of sediment are compressed together and harden
refineryfacility that turns petroleum into gasoline and other products
petroleumthe source of gasoline and other fuels
non-renewablea resource that cannot be easily replaced once it is used
desalinizationprocess of treating seawater to remove salts and minerals and make it drinkable
Rub-al-Khaliworld's largest all sand desert
dry farmingagriculture that conserves water and uses crops and growing methods suited to semiarid environments
aquiferunderground layer of rock through which water flows
rationingmaking a resource available in limited amounts
monotheismthe belief that there is only one god or supreme being
polytheismbelief in more than one god
prophetmessenger of God
caliphsuccessor to Muhammad
terrorismviolence used against people or government in the hopes of winning political goals
5 Pillars of Islamthe basic beliefs of Muslims that influence everyday life
hajjpilgrimage to the Muslim holy city of Makkah
mosqueIslamic house of worship
standard of livingthe degree of wealth and material comfort available to a person or community
embargoban on trade with a particular country
subcontinenta large landmass that is a major part of a continent
deltaarea formed by soil deposits at the mouth of a river
atollcircular shaped islands made of coral
lagoonshallow body of water in the center of an atoll
Gangesthe largest river in India with an extraordinary religious importance for Hindus
monsoonseasonal winds that blow steadily from the same direction for several months at a time but change directions at other times of the year
cyclonea storm with high winds and heavy rains
varnaone of the four broad classes of human society under Hinduism
castein the Hindu religion, a social group into which people are born
reincarnationbelief that after a person dies, his or her soul is reborn into another body
dharmaduty in Hinduism
karmabelief in Hinduism that one's actions in past lives determine the spiritual level into which one is reborn
nirvanastate of perfect peace and an end to the cycle of rebirth
civil disobedienceuse of nonviolent protests to challenge a government or its laws
boycotta refusal to buy goods
dzongBuddhist center of prayer and study
sitarlong-necked instrument with seven strings on the outside and ten inside the neck that provides Indian music with a distinctive sound
saritraditional clothing for women in India
green revolutioneffort to use modern techniques and science to increase food production in poorer countries
juteplant with a tough fiber that is used for making rope, burlap bags, and carpet backing
cottage industryhome or village-based industry in which people make simple goods using their own equipment
outsourcinghiring workers in other countries to do a set of jobs
nationalizetaking control of an industry or company by a government
ship breakingpractice of bringing ashore large, oceangoing ships that have been retired from service; they are cut into pieces, and then sold
consumer goodsproducts people buy for personal use
tsunamihuge ocean wave caused by an earthquake on the ocean floor

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