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Irregular Verbs - "Go Verbs" tener, decir, hacer, poner, salir, traer

This exercise practices the irregular verbs that have a "-go" in the "yo" form. We call them "Go Verbs."

Irregular verbs in Spanish don't follow the same pattern as regular verbs, but you still need to conjugate them. "Tener" is an infinitive meaning "to have." To put "tener" into a sentence, you'll need to conjugate it. Conjugating is when you change the ending of the verb to match the subject it goes with. So, if I want to say "I have" I can't just say "Yo tener." I have to memorize the correct endings, and put on the correct ending for the "yo" form. I end up with "Yo tengo."

Note: In Spanish, saying the pronouns (yo, tú, él, nosotros, etc.) is optional. The verb endings are so different that they often tell us what the subject is. Don't be surprised to see a sentence like "Hablo español" (I speak Spanish) instead of "Yo hablo español."

to havetener
to saydecir
to do, to makehacer
to putponer
to go outsalir
to bringtraer
I havetengo
you (informal/sing.) havetienes
he/she/you (formal/sing.) has/havetiene
we havetenemos
you (informal/plural/Spain) havetenéis
they/you (plural/formal) havetienen
I saydigo
you (informal/sing) saydices
he/she/you (formal/sing) says/saydice
we saydecimos
you (informal/plural/Spain) saydecís
they/you (plural/formal) saydicen
I do/makehago
you (informal/sing.) do/makehaces
he/she/you (formal/sing.) does/do/makes/makehace
we do/makehacemos
you (informal/plural/Spain) do/makehacéis
they/you (plural/formal) do/makehacen
I putpongo
you (informal/sing) putpones
he/she/you (formal/sing) puts/putpone
we putponemos
you (informal/plural/Spain) putponéis
they/you (plural/formal) putponen
I go outsalgo
you (informal/sing) go outsales
he/she/you (formal/sing) goes/go outsale
we go outsalimos
you (informal/plural/Spain) go outsalís
they/you (plural/formal) go outsalen
I bringtraigo
you (informal/sing.) bringtraes
he/she/you (formal/sing.) brings/bringtrae
we bringtraemos
you (informal/plural/Spain) bringtraéis
they/you (plural/formal) bringtraen

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