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CLC Stage 46/Pliny - tremores I

avunculus, avunculī (m)maternal uncle, mother’s brother
impendō, impendere, impendī, impēnsusto expend, spend; devote
bal(i)neum, bal(i)neī (n)bath; bathroom; bathtub; act of bathing
inquiētus, -a -umrestless, sleepless
soleō, solēre, solitus sumto be accustomed to
itathus, so
invalēscō, invalēscere, invaluīto strengthen, grow strong; increase in intensity/frequency
praecēdō, -cēdere, -cessī, -cessusto go before, precede
invicemin turn; by turns
lēniō, lēnīre, lēnīvī, lēnītusto sooth, to calm down
sēcūritās, sēcūritātis (f)freedom from care; carelessness; security
adhūcstill; thus far; yet, as yet
quassō, quassāre, quassāvī, quassātusto shake repeatedly
circumiaceō, -iacēre, -iacuī, -iacitusto lie near/round about
tēctum, tēctī (n)roof; ceiling; house
metus, metūs (m)fear, anxiety
dēmumfinally, at last; eventually
cōnstituō, cōnstituere, cōnstituī, cōnstitūtusto decide
cōnsistō, cōnsistere, cōnstitīto come to a stop; stand firm
ultrā (prep + acc)beyond, past
ideōfor this reason
corripiō, corripere, corripuī, correptusto snatch up, to seize upon, to attack

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