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PrinBio I Photosynthesis

Games for BIO 1113 Chapter 7 - Photosynthesis:Using Light to Make Food

Autotrophsself feeders
Chlorophyllgreen pigment
Pigmentcolored molecule
Chloroplastphotosynthesis site
Thylakoidchlorophyll site
Stromafluid-filled space
Light Reactionssplit water
Stomatespore for gas exchange
Chlorophyll ain reaction center
Calvin Cycleproduces sugar
RuBP5 carbon molecule
G3Pproduct of Calvin cycle
Carbon FixationCO2 added to RuBP
Reductionuses ATP & NADPH
RuBP Regenerationback to start of cycle
CAM Photosynthesiscactus
C3 Photosynthesiswheat
C4 Photosynthesiscorn
Bundle Sheath Cellssurround leaf vein
Mesophyll Cellshave most chloroplasts
Respiration & Photosynthesisopposites

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