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Vocabulary Level D Unit 14

annexto add to,attach;incorporate an attachment
cleaveto cut or split open;to cling to
cordialin a friendly manner,hearty;cheery
cornerstorethe starting point of a building,base
debaclean overwhelming defeat,rout
devitalizeto make weak or lifeless
embroilto involve in a conflict or difficulty
exonerateto clear from a charge or accusation
glibready or fluent in speech
haphazardby chance,not planned;lacking order
improviseto compose or perform without preparation
inciteto rouse,stir up urge on
influxa coming in,inflow
palloran extreme or unnatural paleness
pedigreea list of ancestors;family tree
precipitousvery steep,mountain trail
profusevery abundant;given or flowing freely
reconcileto restore,to friendship;to settle
shackleto put into chains
threadbareshabby,old and worn


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