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Unit 6 Vocabulary Activities East & Southeast Asia

archipelagochain of islands
cordilleramountain ranges that run side by side
loessfine, yellow-brown soil that blows in from deserts in western China
tungstenused to make lightbulbs and rockets
teakwood that is used to make buildings and ships because it is strong and durable
dzudpattern of a dry summer followed by a harsh winter in Mongolia
landslidesituations in which soil is washed down the hills
dynastyline of rulers from a single family
porcelainfine clayware
censusa count of the number of people
novellong fictional stories
shogunmilitary leader
samurailand owning warriors that supported the shogun
sphere of influencean area of a country where a single foreign power has been granted exclusive trading rights
free porta place where goods can be unloaded, stored, and shipped again without payment of import taxes
megalopolissuper sized urban area
calligraphythe art of beautiful writing
pagodabuilding with several stories, tiled roofs that curve up at the edges, and serve as temples
haikubrief poems that follow a specific structure, or organization
yurtlarge, circular structures made of animal skins that can be packed up and moved from place to place in rural Mongolia
paddyfield where rice is grown
famineextreme scarcity of food
human rightsbasic freedoms such as freedom of speech and religion
exileto be forced to live somewhere other than your own country
intensive agriculturegrowing crops on every available piece of land
trade deficitoccurs when one country buys more goods from another country than it sells to that country
tatamistraw mats
kimonoa long Japanese robe, usually made of silk, with an open neck and large sleeves
animethe Japanese style of animation that arose in the late 1900s
cultural diffusionthe spreading of ideas or practices from one culture to other cultures
celadonKorean style of Chinese pottery
hangulKorean writing system that uses only 28 symbols-far fewer than the thousands of characters needed to write Chinese
demilitarized zonearea between North and South Korea where both sides agree not to place any soldiers or weapons in the DMZ
land reformSouth Korean policy that broke up large estates into smaller family farms
precious gemvaluable stones such as rubies, sapphires, and jade
mangrovetropical trees that grow along the coasts and help maintain the health of coastal environments
terraced fieldstrips of land cut out of a hillside like stair steps that increase the amount of land that can be farmed and prevents erosion
developed countrya nation that is industrialized and has modern technology
developing countrya nation that has low industrial production and little modern technology
population densitythe average number of people living in a square mile
free enterprise capitalisman economic system in which people can choose their own jobs, start private businesses, and make a profit
Khmer Rougethe Cambodian Communist Party
Khmer Empireincludes much of present day Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and part of Laos
domino theorya belief that if one country fell to communism, surrounding countries would too

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