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Alternative Energy (including nuclear)

TRUE or FALSE: Nuclear power creates air pollution.FALSE (The only thing that is released into the air from a nuclear power plant, unless there is an accident, is water vapor)
TRUE or FALSE: Burning biomass and biofuels for energy does not ADD any new greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.TRUE: Although burning any type biomass, like wood, ethanol, or biodiesal, releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, that is CO2 that was already in the carbon cycle. As you grow more plants to convert into biofuels, they will absorb CO2 back out of the atmosphere for photosynthesis. If the plants didn't get used for biofuels, they would eventually die and decompose, or be eaten, and would be converted into CO2 anyway. The only thing that really adds new CO2 to the atmosphere is digging or drilling up fossil fuels from deep underground and burning them)
Nuclear reactions that involve the splitting of the nucleus of a larger radioactive element's nucleus into smaller nuclei, creating new and smaller elements, are called ____ reactions.fission
Nuclear reactions that involve smashing 2 smaller atoms together to create a new element with a bigger nucleus are called _____ reactions.fusion
Nuclear reactions inside a nuclear power plant generate ____ which is used to _____ water so that the water expands and flows past a _____ that turns magnets inside a generator, producing ______ inside copper wires.heat, boil, turbine, electricity
The main problem with trying to use nuclear fusion to generate power is that the reactions require _________ to be contained inside a power plant using currently available technology.temperatures that are too hot
Every radioactive element has its own unique ______ which is a measurement of the amount of time it takes for half of the atoms in a sample of that element to break into smaller atoms, and in the process become a new element.half-life
If you have a sample of a radioactive element that has a half-life of 1 million years, ____ % of the sample will still be here 1 million years from now, and the percentage that will remain 2 million years from now will be ____%.50%, 25%
Energy sources that can be used without causing the supply to decrease over time are called _____ energy sources.renewable
Examples of using biomass for fuel include using ____, ____, or ____.wood, ethanol, biodiesel
The blades of a windmill are really just a giant ____.turbine
Noise and killing wildlife are disadvantages of using ____ energy.wind
Oil extracted from plants can be used as _____ fuel.biodiesel
Fermenting the sugars in plants to produce alcohol and then distilling it to make it strong so it can be used as a fuel is the basic process for producing ______.ethanol
Which two forms of alternative energy require the use of expensive energy storage, or the use of other forms of energy also, because they can't be counted on to generate a steady amount of energy?wind, solar
Which type of fuel can be extracted from the waste from cows or landfills that is allowed to decompose under anaerobic conditions?methane
Dams can be used to generate ____ by allowing water to flow through them, turning a ______ that is attached to a _____.electricity, turbine, generator
Geothermal heating and cooling can be used _____ while geothermal power plants are located in _____ active areas.anywhere, volcanically
Which country gets most of its energy from geothermal sources?Iceland
Passive solar involves designing _____ to more efficiently use the energy from the sun.buildings
Solar panels use materials, like _____ that can generate an electrical current when their electrons are excited by solar energy of different wavelengths.silicon
Although solar power still only generates a small fraction of the world's energy needs, the industry is growing rapidly due to the continual increase in _____ and decrease in _____ of the technologies as more and more people invest in solar.efficiency, price
The biggest benefit of using hydrogen as a fuel is that the only direct waste product from its use is ____.water vapor
TRUE or FALSE: You can obtain hydrogen from natural gas (methane) without generating any greenhouse gases.FALSE (The chemical reactions that extract hydrogen gas from a certain amount of methane ultimately produce just as much CO2 as would be generated by burning the same amount methane for energy directly. In addition, drilling for methane in order to use it to get hydrogen lets some methane escape into the atmosphere. However, hydrogen can be used in fuel cell engines more efficiently than methane can be burned in internal combustion engines, so using hydrogen made from methane can lower your carbon footprint compared to using natural gas/methane)
Using the process of electrolysis to generate hydrogen still produces carbon dioxide pollution if you use ____ to generate the electricity needed for electrolysis.fossil fuels
The process of electrolysis can be used to split ____ to produce hydrogen gas.water
Hydrogen gas must be put under a lot of _____ or cooled down to extremely low temperatures in order to turn it into ____ hydrogen so that it takes up less space and can be transported efficiently.pressure, liquid
Hydrogen can be used most efficiently in a motor called a _______ which generates an electrical current when hydrogen reacts with oxygen.hydrogen fuel cell
Hydrogen fuel cells generate ____ when hydrogen reacts with electrical current

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