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Poetry Terms

alliterationrepetition of letter sounds within a line of poetry
stanzamajor divion of a poem based upon a thought or form
meterpattern of stressed and unstressed syllables within a line of poetry
rhyme schemepattern of the end rhyme
imagea word picture
metaphora comparison between 2 unlike things
iambunit of meter consisting of 1 unstressed syllable followed by 1 stressed syllable
sonneta 14 line rhyming poem with a definite meter
end rhymewords which sound alike at the end of a line of poetry
internal rhymewords which sound alike within a line of poetry
oxymoroncombination of contradictory words; jumbo shrimp
blank versepoetry which contains rhythm but not rhyme
similecomparison between two unlike things using like or as
assonancerepetition of vowel sounds within a line of poetry
consonancerepetition of consonant sounds within a line of poetry
couplet2 line stanza
quatrain4 line stanza
hyperboleextreme exaggeration (ex. mile high)
metric footunit of meter
iambic pentameter5 ul to 1 line of poetry
onomatopoeiaword which sounds like what it is (ex. bang, pop)
free versepoem having no rhythm and no rhyme
Shakespearean sonnetABAB CDCD EFEF GG
punjoke made from play on words
double entendremore than one meaning or interpretation

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