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Unit 7 Vocabulary Activities Australia, New Zealand, & Pacific Islands

outbackvast area of plains and plateaus that is largely flat and dry
coral reefa structure formed by skeletons of small sea animals
geyserhot springs that carry steam and heated water to the Earth's surface
high islandfeature mountain ranges split by valleys that fan out into coastal plains
low islandatolls, or low-lying, ring-shaped islands that surround shallow pools of water
atolla small coral island in the shape of a ring
continental islandformed centuries ago by the rising and folding of rock from the ocean floor
ice shelflayer of ice above the water
iceberghuge chunks of ice that break off of an ice shelf
marsupialmammals that carry their young in a pouch
Great Barrier Reeflargest collection of coral in the world
Ring of Firea major area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur
eucalyptustrees native to Australia and nearby islands
pasturegrasses and other plants that are feed for grazing animals
breadfruita starchy pod that can be cooked in several ways and is a food staple in Oceania
lichentiny, sturdy plants that grow in rocky areas along the Antarctic coast
boomeranga flat, bent, wooden tool that hunters throw to stun prey
trust territoryan area temporarily placed under the control of another country
aboriginea member of the earliest people of Australia
penal colonya place where people convicted of crimes are sent
bushrural areas of Australia
stationcattle or sheep ranches
pidgin languageformed by combining parts of several different languages
action songthis art form blends traditional dance with modern music
faleSamoan homes that have open sides that allow cooling ocean breezes to circulate
poia mash of paste that Pacific Islanders make from Taro plants
lawsuitlegal action in court intended to address a problem
merinoa breed of sheep known for its fine wool
kiwifruita small oval fruit with a brownish-green fuzzy skin
coprathe meat from dried coconuts
lingua francaa common language used for communication and trade
fa'a Samoathe Samoan way of life
habitatliving areas
extinctiondisappearance from Earth
krilla tiny shrimp-like creature
ozonea gas that forms a layer around the Earth in the atmosphere and protects all living things on the Earth from certain harmful rays of the sun

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