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HISTORY: Age of Exploration Vocabulary

afttoward the rear of the ship
armillary sphereskeleton model of celestial sphere
amidshipsthe middle of the ship
astrolabemeasures latitude
back-staffalso known as Davis quadrant
ballastany heavy material placed low in ship to increase stability
barometermeasures atmospheric pressure
bearing dialdetermined position of sun and moon when Pole Star was not visible
bilgelowest part of ship's hull
biremeGreek or Phoenician fighting ship
bowthe front of a vessel
caravelsmall three-masted vessel
carvelplanks laid close together on their edges
chip log and reeldevice for measuring speed of vessel
chronometerdevice for keeping time independent of ship's motion
clinker (lapstrake)edges of planks are overlapped
cog12th century northern European trading vessel
draftdepth of water required to float a ship
hullouter body of a vessel
forefront part of a ship
gunwaletop rail of the side of a ship
hand lead and linemeans of finding depth of water near coasts
keelbackbone of the ship
mastvertical pole that supports the sails
meridianimaginary circle passing through the poles
mizzenmastthird mast
nao14th century square-rigger with two to four masts
pilotperson who navigates a vessel
poop deckpartial deck above the main deck located aft
portleft side of a ship
rudderdevice near the stern to control direction

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