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Foundations of Government

Do you know about the colonial documents and the principles of American government? How about the vocabulary we've been studying?

Charter of the Virginia Companygave colonists the same rights as Englishmen
Virginia Declaration of Rightsmodel for the Bill of Rights
Virginia Statute for Religious Freedomfreedom of religion for Virginians
Declaration of Independencesincluded unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
Articles of Confederation1st form of government but national governement was weak
constitutiona plan of government
republica government where citizens elect representatives to make laws
natural rightsrights people are born with
compactwritten agreement to make and obey laws
consent of the governedpeople are the source of any and all governemental power
limited governmentgovernemen may only do those things people have given it power to do
rule of lawgovernment and those who govern are bound by law
democracygovernment where people share in the power
sovereigntynations power to make and carry out laws
representaive governmentsystem of government in which people elect representatives to make laws and conduct government on their behalf

Stuarts Draft, VA

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