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Early Man Vocabulary

HominidAn early ancestor of humans that developed in Africa.
Land bridgeA strip of land connecting two continents.
Hunter-gatherersEarly humans who hunt animals and gather wild plants, seeds, fruits, and nuts to survive.
Paleolithic EraThe Old Stone Age→ The cultural period of the Stone Age that began about 2.5 to 2 million years ago, marked by the earliest use of tools made of chipped stone.
Neolithic EraNew Stone Age→ The period of human culture that began around 10,000 years ago.. It is characterized by the beginning of farming, the domestication of animals, and the making of polished stone tools.
DomesticatonThe process of changing plants or animals to make them more useful to humans.
Ice AgeTime periods in history where the huge ice glaciers cover the Earth’s surface and cause great migrations of people, animals, and plant life.
NomadicMoving from place to place;
SurplusMore than is needed; extra.
Stone AgeA period of time during which early people made lasting tools and weapons mainly from stone.
ArtificatsHuman made objects that archaeologists study for clues about past cultures.
ArchaeologistA scientist who studies prehistoric people by analyzing artifacts, inscriptions, and monuments.
Domesticating Plants; AgricultureFarming
Domesticating AnimalsTo tame an animal.

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