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Eye and ear disorders

voabulary dealing with eye and ear disorders

cerumenear wax
dizzinessfeeling of unsteadiness
oticpertaining to the ear
presbycusishearing loss associated with old age
tinnitusringing, buzzing, or roaring noise in ear
tympanic membraneeardrum
vertigosensation that one's body or surroundings are rotating
astigmatismuneven curvature of lens
conjunctivitisinflammation of membrane lining eye lids and covering sclera
keratitisimflammation of cornea
mioticmedication that causes pupil to constrict
mydriaticmedication that causes pupil to dilate
presbyopiavisual impairment associated with old age
refractionbending of light rays
tonometrymeasurement of intraocular pressure(IOP)
accomodationlens changes shape to focus
aphakiaabsence of lens
Blindnessinability to see
conesretinal cells responsible for colored vision
diplopiadouble vision
nystagmusinvoluntary oscillation of eyeball
papilledmaswelling of optic disc due to increased intracranial pressure
photophobiaocular pain on exposure to light
ptosisdrooping eyelid
vitreousgelatinous material that fills eyeball behind lens
ODright eye
OSleft eye
OUboth eyes
acute otitis mediainfection of middle ear
conductive hearing losssound transmission to inner ear interrupted by obstruction or disease
labyrinthitisinflammation of labyrinth of inner ear
Meniere's diseaseinner ear condition characterized by tinnitus, vertigo, and hearing loss
myringotomyincision into tympanic membrane
otosclerosisabnomral spongy bone formation around stapes
sensioneural hearing lossdamage to end organ of hearing or 8th crainial nerve
cataractopacity of lens
glaucomaincrease intraocular pressure

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