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JAVA GAMES - European Middle Ages

Shield wallHigher outer wall usually placed on the side of the castle that was most vulnerable to siege weapons, such as catapults and siege towers
VikingsFearsome invaders, traders and explorers that destroyed the last part of the Roman empire
MonasteriesFrequent target of Viking raids.Protected by monks
MonarchsKings and emperors. Officially set on top of the feudal system hierarchy
MoatUsually the first line of defense for a castle. Often filled with water, but sometimes lined with wooden spikes instead
Long shipsViking ships that could travel long distances and carry many people
Leif EriksonBelieved to be the first European to set foot in North America
KnightsMounted, armored soldiers who pledged to defend their lord’s land in exchange for land
FiefLand that was granted to a person in exchange for loyalty under the feudal system
FeudalismSystem of government developed for protection and to maintain order, agreement between kings and nobles
ChainmailExpensive armor made out of metal links, usually worn by Viking leaders because they could afford them
CastleMain source of protection during the Middle Ages
BaileyWide open space from a military standpoint, exposing enemies to arrow fire. Also served as a marketplace for festivals and fairs, an area for tournaments and a practice field for drilling soldiers
Arrow loopsNarrow slits or openings in the walls from which archers could fire arrows
PeasantsRanked at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Many were not allowed to leave the land

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