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Catullus 2


passer, passeris (m)sparrow, small bird
dēliciae, -ārum (f pl)delight, pet (always plural)
quīcumquōcum (with whom)
sinus, -ūs (m)fold of a toga; lap; bosom
appetō, -ere, -īvī, -ītusto look for, seek; to try to reach
ācer, ācris, ācrekeen, sharp
incitō, incitāreto urge on, provoke
morsus, morsūs (m)nibble, bite, peck
dēsīderium, -īdesire; object of desire; sweetheart
niteō, nitēreto shine; to be beautiful, be radiant
lubet / libet(it) is pleasing to (+dat) (+inf)
iocor, -ārī, -ātus sumto jest, to mock
sōlāciolum, -ī (n)small comfort (for)
dolor, dolōris (m)pain, grief, heartache
acquiēscō, acquiēscereto quiet down, find rest
sīcutjust as
possem (imp subjunctive)would that I could, if only I could
levō, levāreto lighten, alleviate
cūra, -aecare, worry, distress

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