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Mesopotamia Early River Civilizations Matching Game

MonotheismBelief in one god
PolytheismBelief in many gods
Specialized LaborFocusing on one type of labor rather than doing lots of different types of work that were based around survival
The Phoenicianscivilization of sea-traders on the Mediterranean Coast
The Ten Commandmentsfrom the Hebrews, and Moses this described moral and religious conduct
Mesopotamia"The land between the two Rivers"
Artisanspeople skilled in a particular craft
Cuneiformthe earliest writing system created by the Sumerians
The earliest written law code from Ancient BabylonCode of Hammurabi
City-Statepolitical unit typically with a walled city and the farmland that surrounded it
AbrahamMan who is credited with founding Judaism
The alphabetthe greatest contribution made by the Phoenicians
The HebrewsThe group who founded the first monotheisic religion
The exchange of ideas and technology from one civilization to anothercultural diffusion
Jerusalemthe captial of the Kingdom of Israel constructed by David
The Diasporameans "the scattering" and represents the state that the Hebrews lived in after being forced out of their homeland
Pictogramsa writing system where pictures or symbols represent entire word or ideasideas
the philosophy of justice put forth by the Code of Hammurabi"Eye for an Eye"
The social structure of most early river civilizationsrigid with very little movement between classes
The people with the lowest status in early river civilizationsslaves


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