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FOS vocabulary part 1

ApostropheAddress to a dead person or inanimate object as in Walt Whitman's "O Captain, My Captain" where he is calling out to Abraham Lincoln
Repetition of words/phrasesThe poet's "reuse" of certain words or phrases in a poem
AlliterationThe repetition of similar sounds, usually consonants, at the beginning of words
MetaphorThe comparison of one thing to another that does not use 'like' or 'as.'
OxymoronThe association of two contrary terms, as in the expression 'same difference'
SimileA comparison of two things through the use of 'like' or 'as.'
ImageryPoet's attempt to paint a mental picture in the mind of the reader by use of the senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and hearing
OnomatopoeiaThe use of words, such as 'pop,' 'hiss,' and 'boing,' that sound like the thing they refer to.
ParadoxA statement that seems absurd or even contradictory on its face but often expresses a deeper truth
AssonanceThe repetition of similar vowel sounds in a sequence of nearby words
PersonificationThe use of human characteristics to describe animals, things, or ideas
IronyThe poet expresses a meaning different from or contrary to the stated meaning
HyperboleAn excessive overstatement or conscious exaggeration of fact

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