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Romeo and Juliet

ambiguoushaving more than one meaning; unclear, uncertain
ascendto move upward, to rise from a lower station
augmentto make greater or to supplement
balefuldestructive, deadly
beguileto deceive, to mislead, to persuade with charm
boisterousrowdy, rough, and stormy
calamitya serious event causing distress or misfortune
dirgefuneral hymn, lament
disparageto degrade, to speak of someone or something in a derogatory manner
dissembleto disguise, to pretend
engrossedcompletely occupied or absorbed
enmityabsolute hatred
entreatya plea, an earnest request
feinta false appearance, a fake punch to occupy defenses allowing a real blow
inundateto flood, to overflow
lamentto mourn or to express sorrow in a demonstrative manner
obsequiousoverly attentive, like a sycophant, servile
penuryextreme poverty
perjuryfalse testimony under oath
perniciousvery destructive or harmful, deadly
portenta sign or forewarning
posterityfuture generations, all descendants of a person
prateto talk idly or foolishly at great length
presagesomething that foreshadows a future event; foreknowledge of the future

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