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APHG Unit 4 AND 5 Vocab

unit 4 & 5 vocab

Sovereigntyindependence from control of its internal affairs by other states
Nationalismfeeling that one's country should be internally coheesive and should have political autonomy
Centripetal ForcesAn attitude that tends to unify people and enhance support for a state.
Centrifugal Forcesforces that work to pull countries apart (ex.regionalism, ethnic strife, territorial disputes)
Agriculturethe purposeful tending of crops and livestock in order to produce food and fiber
Subsistence Agricultureself sufficient agriculture that is small scale and low technology & emphasizes food production for local consumption, not trade
Von Thunen ModelA model that explains the location of agricultureal activities in a commercial, profit-making economy. A process of spatial competition allocates various farming activities into rings around a central market city, with profit-earning capability the determining force in how far a crop locates from the market
Desertificationhow deserts expand, from poor agriculture practieces (over grazing and choices), improper soil management, erosion, salinization, deforstation, global climate change

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