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Valley of the Moon

orphaneda child whose parents are dead
servantsperson, such as a cook, maid or butler
diarya record written each day of a person's own experiences and thoughts
adobebricks made of clay and straw that dry and harden in the sun
eldestsuperlative of old
fitsudden onset of a strong emotion or physical reaction
suitorone who courts a woman or seeks to marry her
headstrongnot easily restrained, impatient of control
discardedto throw away
obediencethe practice of obeying rules, laws, or request
smallpoxserious, very contagious disease that is often fatal
plaguevery serious disease that spreads rapidly from person to person
tribesgroup of people united because they have the same social customs, language, ancestors...
dialecta way of speaking a language in different places or parts of a country
seamstresswoman whose job is sewing
palletsa bed of straw
sootfine substance that is like a black powder
bleakwithout cheer; dreary
depictsto represent by a picture
sparseoccurring or found here and there; thinly scattered
ignoredto pay no attention to; disregard
choressmall job, usually done on a regular schedule
refugeprotection or shelter from danger
foreignersa person from another country
squattersperson who settles on land without a legal right
detestedto dislike strongly; hate; loathe
quillswriting pen that is made from a long, stiff feather

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