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American Revolution

Quartering ActRequired colonists to house and feed British soldiers
Divided We FallUnited We Stand, ...
BostonKing George responded to colonists destroying a shipment of tea by sending soldiers to ___
AmericansMany colonists began to feel that they were no longer British subjects, but rather ___
TreasonMany of the founding fathers could have been convicted of ___ and hung
Boston HarborBritain closed ___ ___ after the Boston Tea Party
Mohawk IndiansColonists disguised themselves as ___ ___ during the Boston Tea Party
Boston MassacreBritish soldiers shot and killed five people while under attack by a mob
Intolerable ActsBritain responded to the Boston Tea Party by passing as series of laws known as the ___ ___ in the colonies
Pennsylvania GazetteBenjamin Franklin's newspaper was called The ___ ___
Benjamin FranklinElected Postmaster General
Paul RevereMade a midnight ride warning the people that "the British (Regulars) are coming"
Sugar ActTax placed on sugar
Stamp ActTax placed on paper goods
TeaDuring the Boston Tea Party, colonists destroyed $1.7 million (today's value) into Boston Harbor
RepresentationColonists cried out "No taxation without ___"
Mob ruleMany colonists were concerned about ___ ___ in the colonies following the Boston Tea Party
SlaveryOne issue the colonists couldn't agree on was ___
DeathPatrick Henry attempted to convince Virginia to join the revolution by saying "Give me liberty or give me ___"
Red CoatsBritish soldiers

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