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JAVA GAMES - European Middle Ages - (copy)

Under Charlemagne, the ___ became the largest and most powerful kingdom in EuropeFranks
Frequent target of the Vikings during raids. Protected by monksMonastery
Invaders, traders and explorers who destroyed the last part of the Roman empireVikiings
Often joined Viking raids, usually wearing bearskin, fought fearlessly believing Odin would protect in battleBerserks
Viking ships that could travel long distances and carry many peopleLongships
For defense, Vikings would carry ___, often made out of wooden boardsShields
Main source of protection from an attack during the Middle AgesCastles
King and emperors who were ranked highestMonarchs
Land that was granted to a person in exchange for loyalty under the feudal systemFief
___ often competed in tournaments to prepare for war, events included the melee and joustKnights
Peasants that were considered property and could not leave the landSerfs
Controlled the daily lives of people under feudalismLords
Outside the castle, castle’s first line of defense. Often filled with water or wooden spikesMoat
Higher outer wall, placed on the side of the castle most vulnerable to siege weaponsShield Wall
Wide open space inside the castle, exposes enemies to arrow fire.Bailey
Secure area inside the castle which housed prisonersDungeon
Narrow slits or openings in the walls from which archers could fire arrowsArrow Loops
The decline of __ brought about the Middle AgesRome
Due to invasions,__ during the dark ageseducation collapsed
Due to invasions,__ during the dark agestrade stopped
What age began after the fall of Rome?Middle Ages
Germanic invaders caused__cities to be abandoned and people to move to the country side
Person who received a grant of land under the feudal systemVassal
Charlemagneset up schools throughout Europe to revive education
Charlemagnespread Christianity to conquered people throughout europe
Constantine made __ legal in 313 ADChristianity
__ became the official religion of Rome in 389 AD and united much of Europe after the fall of RomeChristianity
Under feudalism, __ did most of the workpeasants
Armored soldiers who were given a social status above peasantsKnights
__ may have reached North America nearly 500 years before ColumbusVikings
Where would peasants and lords go during an attack?Castle

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