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Short Story Elements

Short story definitionread one sitting/fiction/under 10,000 words/oldest form
Character Description 4 wayswhat character says/what's said by others/actions/how character is described
plotwhat happens in a story
comedycharacter overcomes conflict
tragedyConflict beats character
plots have 3 thingsconflict/obstacles/resolution
conflict - defineproblem in story
4 types of conflictman vs. man/society/himself/self
climaxhigh point of story
settingwhere story takes place/year/month, etc.
moodhow story makes you feel
tonewhat the author intends for his story/feeling
author creates tone in 3 waysaction/details they choose/style
point of viewhow the story is told
1st person viewpointuses "I" only get one perspective
3rd person omniscient viewpoint"all knowing" you see everyone's thoughts/feelings
limited omniscient viewpointstill uses "he" "she"/outside narrator/only get 1 person's thoughts
suspenseanxiety/tension created
foreshadowinghint of what is to come/creats suspense
themeabstract - main idea of story hate/revenge
symbol - symbolismsomething represents something/stands for
protagonistgood guy - can be elements also
antagonistbad guy
flashbackentire story shifts back in time/new setting
7 elements of short storyplot/setting/characterization/mood/tone/conflict/pt. of view

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